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NIP arrived this morning


Ive just received a NIP through this morning stating that I was exceeding
the 70mph limit on a dual carriageway, It was a mobile van that got me,
however, the real worry is that it doesnt state how fast I was going!!! it
just has a seperate sheet saying that they cannot tell me how fast I was
going at this now I have to sit around worrying what my speed
could have been (which could have been anything, I cant remember) seems
crazy that they know I was breaking the speed limit but cannot tell me how
fast I was this normal procedure??...what does it mean???
  Skoda Fabia vRS

if they cant give you proof of what speed your going then send em a letter back saying before you proceed any further you would like to know what speed you were going and to receive a copy of the evidence
  BMW 320d Sport

If I were you Id write back and say that you do not recall the incident and they have not presented any charge which could be substantiated in court and thus you must by necessity ask for the charge to be withdrawn. Its not even a case of guilty or not guilty.
  Fiesta TDCI


I rang and asked for photographic evidence, they sent back a small black and white photo, the quality was very good, you could make out the drivers face see sunglasses etc. It also displays the speed time/date etc.

This has come from the Police at the end of the day so I doubt very much that they would be trying it on.

Ive got no doubt that I was speeding its just not knowing at what speed, the way I drive down this particular stretch of Dual Carriageway it could be anything from 80 - 120 mph. So I could easily be facing a potential just seems cruel to tell you that you are going to be prosecuted but not tell you the severity!!! Waiting around to see what speed I was doing is going to drive me round the bend!!!!