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No one’s posting here


Were currently looking at the problem which appears to be related to the size of the database that powers this forum, looks like its very popular!

I have just rebooted the site, which isnt something we would ordinaraily do as it loses your login, but this seems to have sorted it for the moment.

Bear with us while we try to find out the precise cause of the problem and fix it for you.

  Clio v6

Well I have been trying for a couple of days but just getting a DNS error.

No emails from anyone high up in authority to inform us of a problem ( but then would we get one? )

So I guess theys on to it doing their very best as always to keep things going smoothly.

Were still looking at it - it seems as though the database strangled itself temporarily and this caused pages to time out. Its self-repairing in that when the number of users trying to access it drops, its fine. However then everyone logs back in and it throttles itself again.

There are currently 39 people browsing the site and all looking good; Im monitoring the Boards and the logfiles to make sure its all working well.
  Clio v6

I sometimes leave the forum running/open while I do other things away from the PC. Would it be helpful to log out at these times to help others who may need to post?

Thanks for the offer

No, it wont make any difference, youre quite welcome to leave the page open - the problem only seems to occur when a number of people try to search/post/view a thread at exactly the same moment, which forms a queue - when its very busy, requests at the bottom of the queue "time out".

Because it all slows down, this causes people to re-click a link or button, which makes the queue longer.... which then makes it lock up occasionally

No worries, all will be sorted....