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No signal??

  S2 106 GTI
I have had my iphone 3G for a while, been using it on Vodaphone. But when a mate (who's on here) uploaded the new softwear, it wouldn't work.....Anyway I thought i'll just leave it and use my old o2 sim in it and nxt month get a 3Gs for an upgrade.
But when I put my o2 sim in it came up with no service?? reset all settings...nothing! Help!!

Oh and before you start throwing loads of download this and that - I'm not very computer friendly! :eek:
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
Hmm thats odd, if the phone is fully unblocked then it should work, unless the sim has been invalid for a long period ov time then it comes blocked, put the sim into another handset if you can to try and see if it works on that.
  S2 106 GTI
Yeah the sim is fine! My dad is using my old o2 contract sim and he still use's it every day!?
Baseband issue with the unlock?

Is it using 'official' software, or jailbroken/unlocked? If the latter, and you want to use your o2 SIM, then just restore it to 3.1 in iTunes.