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NOOoooo!!! A 175bhp Corsa

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Just read on the home page of that Vauxhall are bringing out a 1.6 turbo Corsa with the same or better performance figures than the 172. WHY? I do not want a 17 year old Corsa driver thinking his little tin car is as fast as mine, I already have problems with my girlfriends house mate who thinks her 1.2l 02 corsa is faster and more expensive than my 02 172.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Try telling her and the rest of the corsa world that.;) Is this going to be the car for the next generation Nova boys? What will the Citreon C2 VTS be like?

but youll be safe in the knowledge that your car will be able to stop before it hits the wall, and yours doesnt handle like the QE2, its just vauxhall trying to return to motorsport, without the help from Lotus
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Corsa, will always be a corsa even if it had a 3.0 v6 turbo engine - i still wouldnt have one.

I think youre safe in the knowledge that the 172 has been designed by a manufacturer with quite a successful motorsport history, not some cheap dodgy german manufacturer who couldnt even win a touring car race, or rally - not through lack of trying either!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I agree 100%, the corsa is not a true sports car, but I just do not wish to loose a race to one, nor have to defend my cars capabilities to a corsa boy/girl.

At this rate the 172 will soon be one of the slower hot hatches on the market. :sick:

hate to be picky but the rally reference aint strictly true... although no noticable success at world level - the manta gte was one of the best rally cross cars of its time - and the nova was ok too, ive seen them at clubman level and they tend to do rather well...
but corsa? yeuch!!

Vauxhall is after a slice of the big bhp hot-hatch market. Its been growing nicely for the past few years now, so there will be enough slack to swallow a fair few examples of this quite possibly deeply underwhelming car.

I very much doubt that it will gain a reputation as a must-have hot hatch. Renault have not made a single dud hot hatch yet: 5 Gordini, 5 Turbo, Turbo 1, Turbo 2, 5 GT Turbo, Clio 16v, 19 16v, Clio Williams, 172, V6, Cup etc... Even VW went pear-shape with its Golf GTi line up (though it still shifts the boxes).

Vauxhall would have some very serious problems to ever get pertolhead-cred as opposed to bad-boy street cred. Could well sell nicely amongst the older Max-Power boys or kids who finance it through huge debt.

The other thing is that Renault will be replacing the Clio soon(ish) with a 3rd generation. There wont be a 172 equivalent on the market for a while - just like the 1996-1999 gap between the Clio 16v and 172. Opens up demand...

I thought from what Ive read that it was late 2003/early 2004. Makes sense - current shape came in late 1997; Renault usually do 6-7 year cycles. Old Clio was in UK from early 1991 to late 1997: 6.5 years.
  Silver Fabia vRS

I can say 100% that there will not be a Clio replacement until 2005. Renault will be releasing a smaller hatch/city car sometime before then (likely end of 2003/start 2004) but the Clio will remain until 2005.

And thats from my source in Renault UK.

Hey whats wrong with corsas :eek: ?? I can understand the new shape corsa (because thats not particularly my cup of tea either! But what about the Corsa As and Bs (ok I know Im probably going to get completely slated now cos I own a heavily modified corsa ASWELL as a Clio rsi). The corsa As and Bs can look great when kitted up and can also ge greatly tuned too (and I know everyones views may differ which is to be expected). And as for 176bhp in a corsa- mines getting a 2.0 16v in Jan AND nitrous (and possibly throttle boddies) so Im hoping to be pushing out about 230bhp at the end. Also not every 17 year old owns a corsa and not all corsa drivers are cocky w**kers- you get your good and bad in all, and I know this from driving the corsa and getting w**kers in their clio williams and 172s round my area always trying to race me, tailgate me and generally piss me off, but this also happens with other modified car drivers too regardless of what car Im driving, not all the time but it does happen. Sorry if what Ive said upsets a few people but Im just saying what is MY OWN OPINION.
Jill :)
  BMW 320d Sport

you got it spot on Phil, Vauxhall/Opel arent exactly new kids on the block, the Mantas and Novas are solid racers. But the Corsa is rank:eek: - Ive got to say it, and not even a hint of motorsport in its veins. Sorry Jill, just my opinion...I rate even a Nova over Corsa. Dont know about the Belmont though.:D

I think you lot are getting worried over nothing. If a factory Corsa is ever made quick enough to compete with a 172, you can be damn sure its gonna be uninsurable for the youngsters driving Corsas that you seem to fear!

Dont wanna sound like a Vauxhall fan here, cos I cant bloody stand them, IMHO the blandest cars ever made - BUT you cant deny they are tuneable, the engines are strong, the parts are cheap and interchangeable, engine swaps are straightforward, no messing about. Unlike Renault where the NA engines need tons of work to get any power out of them, parts are extortionate and Renault-only, and the fast Clios have got so much engine in such a small engine bay, many people dont even think of working on them themselves. But at least Renaults have style:cool:, something which no Vauxhall :sleep:will ever have...

Eeermmm- The clio is being replaced in July 2003

" The 172 and 172CUP will be availabele until July 2003" Thats from the official sales documentation that renault Dealers receive prior to the Cup to aid them in selling it etc..................

The Cup is the last incarnation of this model Im afraid - but at least they went out in



?sorry mate what you on about?

the clio will still be here until 2005 but the 172 and cup models may cease production before this time

(Aparently there are other clio versions other than 172 and Cup:eek:)

Nine out of the top ten most stolen cars in the UK are...wait for it...


The new-shape Clio is the car released in 1997/8. Facelifted in 2001 (heavily, admittedly), but still the same car. Same story with the Phase 1, 2 and 3 Clio 1991-98.

Yes, Nick is right Vauxhall used to make good cars, Cav GSI/Turbo, Senny 24v, then they lost the plot and started building all that BLAND BORING rep sh*te.

Sombody told me the other day that astra/coupe turbo was good with the new saab engine? b****cks more like, it will be the same torque steery bag of w**k the saab is then.........


Technicalman have you driven a Astra Coupe Turbo?. Theres less torque steer than 172s if you must know, I use to own one. Please drive one before commenting. And if you really know what your talking about the 2.0 turbo in the Astra coupe is not the same engine as in the SAAB. The 2.0 turbo in the SAAB is the 2.2 vauxhall engine destoked to 2.0 and turboed. Please research before posting you sound like a fool ;).

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Sounds like there is nothing to worry about with regards to this turbo corsa.

While it currently puts out 129kW and 210Nm, It only manages 0-62 in 7.9 seconds which is pretty safe for the 172.

Also Ive read that the power output will be reduced by 7.75% to 119kW in order to meet Emissions requirements.


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

I read the about the detuning and slow 0-60 time too, be fun races for 16v drivers, should beat em, im sure theyll be thoroughly upset :D

Ok, The Astra coupe i drove wasnt a turbo but it wouldnt go in a straight line either, but Vauxhall dont actually make very good cars anymore do they?

You will find however, being as they have little development money, the new vauxhall engines with turbo technology are in fact borrowed/developed by Saab, who have had a bit more sucess at it than Vauxhall.

I would beg to differ about less torque steer than a 172, Dont mistake that for tramlining which the 172 does badly on crap tyres (like contis)