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norwich union being cheeky fckers

previos years quote was 645 tpft with 1yrs no claim, 19yrs old, now they send me renewal documents saying they are happy to quote me 629.99 even though im up to 2years!! wow an extra £16 off for not crashing this year. in the words of a ned. get tay fcuk!
  Audi A3 TDI 170 B.E.

Thats happened to me evey year.

Just shop around and you may get a better quote?

you saved £16...

but i know window excess has gone up by a tenner... they have now put on a young persons excess of £350 from £150.... and i had lost the ability to drive any car.

cheeky indeed.
  leon cupra R

lol, im iwit norwich union

yep had my renewal

21 4 yrs no claims and i was payind just over a grand, lol they brought mine down by £10 so i told them to f**k off , after countless arguing the guy must have spoken to the undertakers several times and came back and said, £20 was the best they could do

wouldnt mind but my rsi is more expensive then insuring a valver- fooking stupid

its not like they are saving a load of cash from their indian call centres, loyal customer for 2 years.. think they will be losing one, did a quick AA quote and came up at 400 quid.