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Norwich unions policy on mods

anyone know what norwich union's policy is on lowering just with springs? im 19 (under 25)... dont want to call them up to declare it when ive done it and them say my policy is void if i do! :dapprove:


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EvilJohn said:
They are fine with up to 3 mods. Im with them and have declared that its lowered and has an induction kit.

Yup when i was with them its ONLY 3 mods to be added to policy and they charge u for it as well !!! depending wot the mod is.....

Only way u will find out price is by ringing them tho.

And the best way to start off the convo is to say that you are "thinking od foing the mod to your car"

that way u can get a quote from them and u dotn give urself away about the mod!
hehe, thats just what i was gonna do! ;) how much are we talking about increasing the price of the policy? £20?
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I cant get insured with Norwich union, i'm 24 with a 172 and they said I have to be 25 before they will touch me. ----------------------------nob monkeys!