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NOS on an RT

  Skoda Fabia vRS

does anyone think an RT could take NOS, mines on 85k now an i do intend on gettin a 1.6 Megane conversion from Hill Power, but the kits can be easily transferred cant they, and i was only thinkin of say 35bhp jets max

Do it!! :D

Yes the kits should be transferrable!

So stick it on your RT! If she blows, thatll be extra incentive to get your 1.6 conversion sorted!! ;)

yeah m8 there is no prob doing the kit on an rt ive got one one mine and i get eight 25+bhp - 50+bhp bepending on the jet i put in that day.

its fully transferable.

and its gr8 fun hehehehehe. what wheelspins i get.

mines got 81000 on it so there you go.


what wheelspin from 25bhp....i run 45hbp and it just accelerates faster.....maybe you should put tyres on your rims! :p

f**k you tit its my new wheels thats on u tit.

no is when i do it on this one set of lights thats on a hill all the weight goes to the back and the front end lifts its not the best road for grip either.

:devilish: burny burny burny