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not timing belt but summit else ??

  cliosport 172
right, basically i was driving along and dropped car into 3rd gear as i came to a round about, the battery light came and and the sign ' stop '. there was no power and the car jst cut out, some1 suggested timing belt but i had some1 take a quick look nd he said it wasnt, im jst waitin for it to go into the garage at the min but i would really like to no whats wrong with it, if ya take the cover off where ya put the oil in ya can see that something has snapped and is just lyin in there, any idea's any1 on what could have snapped???

  Megane dci 130
100% the auxbelt has come adrift and gone into the crank pulley, hence the charge warning light. The little things are the rollers which act upon the valves. They usually get wacked off in the event of valve/piston contact.