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Nova forums

Strange but I need some info of a Nova driver regarding the length of the side skirts that they use, as I have found some nice skirts designed for a nova and wnat to see if they will fit my phase 1 16v!

Arghhhh me secret love for novas is out in the open ;) Am actually going to look at one today for my friend to buy :) We are building a 2l 16v :D

Fair play to you mate, I was once one of the Nova boys!!! Long long ago before I saw the light!! Good luck with the conversion mate, it has been done a few times hasnt it? What engine are you using for the conversion?

Oh dear - i used to have a nova sr as well (4 years ago that is!). Cant complain though gave that nova some serious abuse and never broke down on me once. - - unlike my clio!

We are looking at getting 2.0 l 16v from the cavalier cos the insurance group on that is only 14 as opposed to the same engine out the calibra thats a group 17. Looking to pick one up from ashford motor spares for about 250 once we have sourced a good shell to do the conversion on. And then buy the strengthening plates, do a bit of welding, and upgrade the fuel tank and radiators, driveshafts etc :) Plus whats also clearly needed is the cavalier gsi brake conversion, fortunately my mate already has that on his nova atm so its just a case of swapping them over when we break that nova. Fingers crossed for todays little excursion :)

Jilly - Ughhhh a nova diamond with a big bore exhaust, go and sit in the corner and think about what youve done ;)

Theres nothing wrong with novas if they are tastefully done + that you dont wear a white baseball cap whilst driving them, or feel the urge for a motorsport sunstrip ;)

If have to say that its a shame saxos have gone the way they have, cos when I first had mine I loved it.

My SR was such a bag of nails, sold it for £20!!! The engine seized!! Also the fuel gauge did not work so I had to guess how much fuel was in it all the time, those were the days!!

Quote: Originally posted by 16v Clio on 03 October 2002
Little gits, editing my posts on that Nova Forum!!!! Luckily I find it quite amusing if only I had the power!!!!

What did they do to them?

instead of a cav lump, try and get hold a decent astra 16v lump. good for over 200BHP (non-turbod) is possible to see them revving to over 9k too.
Or you could try and squeeze a V6 lump - seen it done and its mental as fcuk!

Race an Evo in a nova? suits you sir!