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Number plate light not working

The old number plate lamp didn't work and looked awful so I bought a new one (thanks to Tom at wests) and it looks a million times better.....


.....but it still doesn't work.

Any ideas?
  extreme flamer
This happened to me, the terminal which connects into the light fitting was a little corroded so I gave it a little rub down with sandpaper and it seemed to do the trick. My mate also had the same problem and it was just a loose wire, hope this helps mate


Common problem with the Clios... You can do as 'gaz90' has just said, that seems to work or you will have to replace the whole fitting. Good luck :)


The loom too! Underneath the bumper the reg light isn't protected so when it rains and your driving along it splashes up there, hence the reason why it gets damaged so easily.
I've cleaned it and made no difference.

Is it a bumper off job to check the loom etc or can you access it with the car in the air?


I'm not 100% sure as I've not had to do mine yet... I've just been told by people who have a Clio that they suffer with this problem!

If you have access to some ramps I'd try doing it whilst it's in the air, other than that I'd probably say it's a bumper off job...