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Number Plates

Hi everone iam a newish member, and hoping someone can help. Ima looking at getting some diffrent number plates but I cant see how to get the old ones off they dont look like they are screwed on. It is a 02 model dose any one no.

Thanks tel.

Hi TEL1,

Basically, the plates are stick on with strong adhesive tape. Youll need to pull them off with a bit of force.....

Quote: Originally posted by TEL1 on 19 November 2002

Yer thats what i thought, but its got screw like things on them but there not screws, its a bummer.
Sounds like there are covers on your screws...

Get a screwdriver or something thin (like a knife) and edge it under the cover. When it pops off you should uncover a screw!

well speaking from experience. My rear number plates were stuck on using rivets. The front ones simply screwed off, however i had to drill out the rivets on my rear plate. Then i used sticky number plate pads from halfords to put on the new one. I assume thats whats on your clio matey.

Be carefull i used sticky pads on my rear plate and it fell off whilst i was driving. Had to put the crappy motorpoint one back on until i can get a matching one made up.

ive not had any problems. Get the more expensive ones. And stick them all on, dont just the recommended 3. Cos you have to cover the two empty holes aswell.

Its easy enough to drill them, just get keep drilling until your through the top of the rivet. then you can pop the rivet through the hole.

However i couldnt get the panel off from the other side, i just got renault to do it. They didnt charge.

yeah but i couldnt see where the poppers were. And i didnt want to pull too hard incase it snapped. Dont suppose you could give me a rough idea, for future use!