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Octavia RS

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

My Dad has had his car for around 3 months now, just done 3K Miles and hes had it chipped to 225 bhp, with a special Skoda performance exhaust system (apparently + 8 bhp) so now should be around 233 bhp, call it 230 for arguements sake. All i can say is - Watch out as this is something Skoda garages are beginning to offer as an upgrade to all enthusiastic owners, it was quite quick before but now, it is in Scooby territory, it is so so so much fun seeing those BMW drivers get out of the way for a Skoda!!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

That makes better BHP then the Audi TT.

What is the difference between the 180bhp TT and the 225bhp TT apart from 45bhp and a second exhaust, is it just the chip that give it that extra power ?

....I had a bit of a burn with one on the motorway (not in the nova!), pretty swift id say. autocar did 0-100 in 16.7 i think in standard trim so 230 bhp and a few miles of loosening up and itd be awesome. can it handle it, there comes a point where front wheel drive becomes an arse with loads of torque and bhp.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Chav, the 180 bhp TT has the 1.8T engine from the rest of the range whilst the 225bhp one has the 2.0T one, plus the goodies.

no the 225bhp TT has the 1.8 just has a bigger turbo.. different compression .. twin intercoolers... and some head work.

  Clio v6

My daily family runabout Seat MPV has a 2.0ltr 20valve Turbo ( petrol )

Would this unit be one used in any Audi?

A previous post of mine........

"What a bad day ive had, not only did we lose 10-1 at Hockey but YES i got beaten by a Skoda.

I am a half decent driver and i know that my 16v clio aint slow. Driving about 90 a new Silver Skoda octiva big alloys and smart bodykit (all standard i presume) came up beside me and shot the chase began.

Caught up with it by a rounderbout just me and him on the dual carrageway so both foot to the floor and bloody hell he starts pulling away, hit 3rd gear and hes still pulling infront of me, into 4th at 90 and started catching about 115mph where another rounderbout was coming up, did the same again and he beat me by about 3 car lengths!!!

Cant beleve this! What Type/power of Skoda is this????? Can anyone find out?

GUYS WATCH OUT these things aint slow no joke.

Well in my time of owning my clio i never thought in a million years that a skoda would beat it but looks like they aint skips anymore!

m@thew posted 02/03/2002 20:12 GMT 172 MK2 143bhp@wheels

must be the skoda RS possibly chipped, I think standard is 150bhp

derv posted 02/03/2002 20:21 GMT 1995 clio 16v

i think they use the same 1.8 turbo engine as the golf, well they are bacically volkswagons now arnt they.
they are not to be sniffed at any more, ive never raced one but a bloke at work seemed well happy with his and to be honest i dont think they look too bad.( i would take the badge off though!)lol

BenR posted 02/03/2002 20:33 GMT 172, RT, XR2 w/N20

amazin cars they are, the octavia RS. 1.8T from the golf/A3/audi TT, pumping out 180BHP, and can with a few mods pump out 225 no probs!
Damn fast and a good chassis, base on the golf platform 3A....which no less than 23 different cars are based on!

Ben H posted 03/03/2002 14:09 GMT Black 171bhp 16v w/leather (Holly)

My dad has an Octavia RS as a company car. No joke, these are TOTALLY underrated cars. The RS costs £16k list as well!! Its a 1.8T that has 180bhp - though you can get the regular 1.8T in 150bhp form as well.

It does 0-62 in 7.1 secs (official figure) - which is, as you know, quick. I wouldnt have said its much quicker than a Valver off the mark, but after about 70 they really pull (up to 150mph I think). They have the same chassis etc as the Golf/A3/Leon, but the interior is a bit less posh.

OutKa5t posted 03/03/2002 18:07 GMT 16v w/leather

aaron who do you play hockey for?

TonyKL posted 03/03/2002 18:28 GMT Iceberg 172 - no smoke, no dents!

Rumours are out the Skoda are going to be entering Formula 1 racing to replace Prost!

Craggy posted 03/03/2002 18:29 GMT Willy, 0-60 6.95, 0-100 17.3

how does the octavia compare to the audi TT?, i beat a TT by quite a margin yesterday and i had another person in the car and the TT driver was goin solo, it was no contest after 60. i have also noticed my car has been de-catted, who knows the previous owner might have had head done!. what i do know is the car has had work done at a renault place called radbourne racing down south. never heard of it until i looked in some of my receipts. my car is origially from down south but im up north. anyone heard of radbourne racing?. know where it is?

  mk2 172

since found out that radbourne racing was a car dealer, what a name for a dealer!, they changed the belt at 57k for £210. is that dear or cheap?
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Got lost a bit there with a few strange postings?!?!?

Basically the RS is the same engine gearbox etc as the Audi TT, and to get 225 bhp, its just a simple change of chip - no joke!

Theyre all 1.8 Turbos, just differnt chips etc to create different power.

I think 0-60 is now around 6.5, depending on driver etc, but its seriously quick, - STILL not as quick as my 5 though ;-)

They use exactly the same stuff, same A3 (not eh car, VAG code name) platform for no less than 23 different cars!!
so nowt in it, apart from weight and other things....RS would rock!