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ODB II displays and dattaloggers

  Clio MK2 Sport ph1,
hey there! today only a fast question:

there is some device like scangauge II (that its supposed to be incompatibel with clio) that actually works? money is not a problem. de only problem is get one that actually works with clio
  '04 172, '03 Hirsch 9-5
Check out the new fastchip rs tuner - bult in data logger that does not need to be connected to the laptop.
Scangauge is a on display unit. Ktec used to / do sell it.

Not sure what features of it are not compatible with Reanult tho
  Clio MK2 Sport ph1,
scangauge is not compatible with clios :( at least that told me the distributors in europe. did you know about other display unit mates?