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OEM Radio (Tuner List, Update List & Cabasse) - Whats the difference?


ClioSport Club Member
  2005 RB 182 Cup
No worries mate.

If i remember correctly, i fitted my spare temporarily to Mr Blondes 182 stereo, and the rear connections was different to mine and more like yours. But glad it all works :)

It originally confused as I thought the yellow & blue connection went to the same plug, I wasn't wrong. Although the yellow plug doesn't capture all the pins.

That’s great news Tom 👍

Do you fancy selling the fascia back?

You have PM.

Finally I've just checked it quickly and the Tunepoint is working. I just need to organise the songs on the USB as they are all over the place currently but I'll do that tonight.

Thank both for your help again.