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OEM Wishbone Bush Part Number


ClioSport Club Member
Hi All,

Does anyone know the part number for the wishbone bushes (extra caster ones if that makes a difference)?

Also are all 4 bushes the same?

And any tips on getting them out?



ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 172
Renault discontinues the OSF wishbone but the part numbers are -
NSF - 8200257956
OSF - 8200257957

Non-caster wishbones part numbers are -
NSF - 6000073511
OSF - 6000073512

You can still get the original 172 non-caster wishbones which some companies have modified for the extra caster. The 4 bushes are all the same, you'd probably need a press and pull sleeve kit to remove and fit new ones.


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks man, Pure motorsport are currently out of stock for the modified 172 spec ones, and the originals are not available anywhere. So I'm refurbing a used set and would like the part number for the bushing itself


ClioSport Club Member
For anyone searching this, the powerflex website says it’s 7700840741 and all 4 are the same
I think this is wrong. I ordered some FAI Ss129 bushes based on this and they look slightly different, with the back end of the metal sleeve tapering inwards.

On a used set of extra caster wishbones the bushing has part number 7700789477 C. have now ordere FAI SS5266 based on new part which look right.


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ClioSport Club Member
These look exactly like the ebay specials that I am replacing on the car atm.

I don’t claim to know more than ktec but all other sources say the aftermarket ones do not have the extra caster. Copy and paste job maybe? You can usually see the ball joint comes out square with the wishbone, the extra caster ones crank the ball joint forwards slightly.

Anyway just updating to say the FAI SS5526 fit perfectly in the OEM wishbones