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Offical French Car Show photo's NOW ONLINE!


  BMW 440i
Lol Theres one in the 11am track session where i slightly went onto the grass. :eek:

Didn't realise we had to come in and lost concentration lol!
His pictures really fail to impress me, imagine having a decent photographer off of here doing them, would be 1000x better.


  BMW 440i
I hate the way that the colours etc come out once they have played with them. Really gets on my nerves and i think they should use a different photographer next year.


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
I arrived before 7am, but there's no pic despite me seeing the bloke take it :dapprove:
  BG 182
lol @ the hundreds of people who spend hours blanking out their reg plates......Now they're all available on one website! :rasp: