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on topic

Just a thought.. what is on topic re clios ???.. the for sale and wanted are kewl, along with total OT forum.. but do we really NEED interier and exterier mods forums ??.. I would have thought it was all better here..

what do you think ?

Joe.. ps - missed you guys.. but Im back now lol..

Is that why you post about mods in the wrong place then? :D

Some people might not be interested in mods whatsoever so if the posts about mods are in their own section people that arent interested wont have to wade through them to read other messages.

"On topic" re clios is everything other than mods, for sale or wanted I guess :)



  Shiny red R32

Obviously the interior forum isnt popular as it only has 389 topics, whereas the exterior has 1,059 and the general one has 2,000 topics.

best kept separate otherwise I wouldnt get anything done at work after trawling through all the boring tecky bollox bits (my engine is bigger than yours, and it has these extra bits attached to it !!) to get to the interesting bits, like whos trying to chat up who!!!!

I vote we keep the separate Forums and stick to them
  BMW 320d Sport

It should definitely have separate sections, that way you can pick and choose what you want to read. No interior isnt the most popular but you know if you need help on something to do with that its unlikely to get buried under a pile of other stuff if its in its own forum. The Cliosport forum has always been split like this and its definitely the best way. I for one dont want to open up the general forum every day and find 50 active threads. Id rather have them categorised in each seperate area.

Its quite interesting that THREE mods post in favour lol....... however, like most things, segregation is not always best..:confused:

Perhaps a nos forum ??.. a mine is faster than XYZ forum ??.. a drag racing forum ??... a clio cup is - insert comment forum ??...

are we not moving to a nice litlle compartmentalised respositry here rather than a forum - ie... a place to disucss and share opinions ??.

Just a thought...:(
  Leon Cupra

When do ya get yer motor back Cap?? You took it back in for some warrenty work didnt you??


p.s. mine has been going like a bat-outa-hell tonight this new engine is defo faster than the last one!!!

I personally also like the idea of having a "I raced this" forum to split out that stuff from General as well then the people who dont like that stuff wont see it and the people that do like it will have there own area to contribute to.

Engine tuning posts such as Supercharger, Turbocharger discussions should live in, Power & Mechanical and not in Discussion in my opinion.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Anyone that was round long enough ago knows the reasons why it doesnt work all thrown in 1 forum.

What are your motivations then Joe for the removal of the interior/exterior forums?

What value do you feel this will give to the forum users?
  BMW 320d Sport

Ive said what Ive got to say about this. If people wanna come on the main forum and SPAM (because thats what it is) everyone with their own personal topics of interest then thats their call. But Im no gonna condone or support it.

BTW We are thinking about putting in a pub bullsh*t/kill stories forum sometime in the future.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Joe, think of the forum like a filing cabinet. If we just chuck everything in one place then it just creates an unorganised mess. If we file stuff in seperate sections it makes it easier for people who just want to read posts of a particular type (like ICE mods).

And I was against making more forums in the first place, but I was outvoted by other members of the forum, and I certainly wouldnt go back now, IMHO it works great like this. Surely its no problem to press an extra 2 mouse clicks to change topics, or to post in the correct area?
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I had a blast with a Ford Cougar the other week. Up hill on a 2 mile straight from 40mph to !10. There was nothing in it which aint bad considering it had a 2.5 V6 lump under the bonnet.

oh come on capt...who cares!

i think its much easeir like this..i dont like alot of stuff. this way i dont have to wade trough them.....

nah.. Ben m8.. I will take my spam techy bollox elsewhere. Perhaps I should have been more cautious of any site that promotes ecotek. If muppets like Nick Reed actually put there names to bs like that, there is not much hope... and perhaps.. if he actually understood some of it.. he may be able to get the nos setup to actually work and the tyres to grip lol..

outa here dood.

see ya on email.


HOLY sh*t!!!!!


Getting a bit crazy, i think we need ot reconsider what the is...a community.

Your presense is so appreciated here with teh tech advice and i for one have learnt loads!

So dont go AWAL! ...

look at u all and stop bitching!

type what u wanna type, if people read it, its another matter just stop whinning like little girls!

( im gonna have to go to a saxo forum if this kind of "throwing the toysout the prams" happening! )

lets not lower to that level please!
  BMW 320d Sport

Cheers for the personal insults Joe. I have never got personal like that with you ever. So thanks for showing your true colours - you post your opinions then want everyone to agree with you, and if they dont then you cant take it.

You may have noticed (but probably skipped that bit) that when I said spam I didnt mention *any* one person, but you obviously took it to mean you. Thats your problem not mine. Our opinions differ on Ecotek as they do on the ram air principle. I thought you might be grown up enough to be able to leave it at that. It seems I overestimated you. As Ben said, your tech knowledge is valuable but you do seem to have a very high opinion of yourself. As weve discussed time and time again in various threads, IMHO you talk a lot of theory, a lot of it probably correct, but where your arguments tend to fall down is that you try and make out as if you know a persons Clio better than they do themselves. You seem to think that your own theories and experience with engines are more worthwhile than peoples real world practical experiences with things that you dont seem to have actually tried yourself.

Once youve been running a nitrous system for a year yourself then come back and tell me what I do and dont know about it. Once youve done a couple of seasons quarter miling with results to prove your superiority then feel free to tell me everything you want about launch technique and projected ETs. I dont want to get into a slanging match over this; as has been mentioned above, Cliosport is a community and a very successful one - ask the 440+ members and however many thousands of forum users there are. Lets try to keep it that way without the need for personal insults.

Bloody hell! After seeing Joe for the first time at the northern RR a coule of weeks ago he looked loads older than 8 !!!

If you cant take a little criticism and take everything to heart then you wont last long anywhere. God only knows how you would have reacted if you had taken some of the stick BenR has taken lately!! (and taken like a man I might add).


  Shiny red R32

Come back Captain! Everyone has their off-days when they feel that everything they do or say is criticised and the feeling that the world is aginst them. There is enough trouble all over the world right now and life is far too short to worry about what a few people here have written in their messages. It is so easy to write something hastily and then when you see it on the forum think "oops, maybe I shouldnt have written that" but they are only words after all, so dont take things too seriously Joe!