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One for Fred Poss? V6 problem.

  Petrol Blue 182.
Fitted new discs and pads to the V6 on the front, as the old ones had warped

Steering wheel now shakes at 70mph+ and under breaking back down to 0, quite profoundley.

Any speeds upto 70mph are fine and the car dirves well, including under breaking.

Anyone know what it could be? I've stopped using the car untill I can get the wheels off to have a look.
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  Petrol Blue 182.
Nope. Developed after fitting the discs. Fitted exactly as they were removed.
Just wanted to know if there were any obvious things I've probably overlooked.
  Mental 172 Cup
Possibly still warped discs?

had this before in work where we had a bad batch of discs which made the van/car feel awful under breaking.. Do you have access to a DTI gauge?
  Petrol Blue 182.
Its different to how the warped disc behaved. Where it was an on off type of jerking when slowing down to a stop. The new problem is a shake of the steering wheel (like a wheel is unbalanced)

Odd thing is it only does it over 70? stopping at anyspeed under 70, theres no problem atall. A smooth pull up.

I've got access to a DTI Gauge at work. Thats the next step I think.


ClioSport Club Member
Check there's no debris between disc and hub and wheel and disc, make sure its very clean too just to be sure.

otherwise it could be a hot spot on the disc or it could be out if balance although I doubt that.
  Mental 172 Cup
Just go over everything you did, double check that the discs are meeting the hub face straight and not bolted on wonky, clean all the faces up and check the wheels are balanced etc.. Can't imagine it being that much with said symptoms.. Hope you find the cause mate..