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One Plus X Announced

  Giulietta 940
Immediate thoughts? Thinking about picking one up for the wife who has my hand-me-down Galaxy S4.
  Clio 172mk2
from what i can make its same spec as the original oneplus one, but smaller battery and screen
but looks allot nicer, so want the ceramic one, got a invite to use on launch tomorrow but people think it'll be just the onyx glass back one
  mk1 Octavia VRS
This looks like it would make a good upgrade from my Nexus 4, if I can come across an invite :)
  172 Cup
I have a spare invite too if anyone wants one. Just PM me with your email address and I will send it across. Ordered mine this morning.
  mk1 Octavia VRS
If anyone else has bought a One Plus X and has a spare invite please let me know - looks like the invite only works for the e-mail address it's sent to as just entering the code doesn't work.
  mk1 Octavia VRS
I signed up for an invite on 30th October and got invited on the 6th so have now ordered one. Cases were all out of stock though.

@JJ! let me know if you still need an invite and I'll try and get you one :)
  mk1 Octavia VRS
Phone delivered today but no invites yet. Anyone waiting for one I'd recommend putting your e-mail onto the invite list as I only had to wait roughly a week.
@JJ! do you still need an invite as I have got 3 to share.

Thank you, but got one today direct from them! My nexus 5 was just repaired under warranty so I don't know whether to buy one or not. Probably get my money back if I got it I guess!