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One Snap

Just a single picture I took today after a wash and a hard burn. The exhaust was tinkin' and the brakes were stinkin' when I took this pic. I like it anyway, a rare chance to show Inferno at its best. I took a bunch of photos but don't wish to bore you all with them :eek:

>>Full Size Link<<

domtheone said:
Practically looks as good as mine dude.:cool:

Nice scenery:D

Yeah but mine's faster b**ch :D

I was going to try another 6.61 run and get a pic but this burn was all twisty lanes.
Love the inferno colour.... didn't apreciate it until i seen Cams cup up close... looks fookin ace

Looks so so much better in flesh (and clean)
d.brown said:

Do you get everyone staring?? I imagine its the sort of colour you'd need to get everyones attention. I know i'd stare

In that kind of light it does catch peoples eyes! Normally it just looks copper or mud coloured. Baked bean. But when the sun's out like that it does catch some attention :approve:
I also like THIS one. Its slightly lower than the original picture and the car is out of focus in favour of the ground before it. I'm pleased with the way that came out.