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only 150 miles to a tank

  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!
filled on on friday, only done 2 decent runs and to work a few times and the petrol light has come on. i have the engine management light come on but thats been on ages and its only just started drinking juice.

any ideas why its guzzling???
  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!
i think the O2 probs has faulted would this cause the car to start over fuelling to this extent?

it all started when i was going fast on the m62, obviously cant say how fast but the ABS rings came off the hubs bringing lights on and it hasnt been right since. is it possible to overrev the engine in 5th???


  Clio 172 (Silver)
yeah, 18 stone, nutter with heavy right foot and still get 35 mpg and around 300 miles a tank


  ST on the way...
Have you checked the plugs and leads?

Does it feel as quick as it normally does?
  Volvo S60 T5 asap
IM 15 1/2 stone, and get 500 miles a tank (9.9 gallons) but then im cheating with a derv. I once had a 1200mk c corsa and on one tank it only did 270miles (35mpg) but thats as lead right footed as I get. I had the VRS according to trip, on a Grandprix style 22mile drive down to 32mpg, but thats a much as my DERV licker will suck up when thrashed for 22miles.
  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!
Have you checked the plugs and leads?

Does it feel as quick as it normally does?

i dont have leads i have coils and they either work or dont work. and its definately running on 4 cylinders, im wondering if the piston rings are fecked, dunno why. youd think id notice a increase in performance if i was burning twice the amount of fuel i normally do .
  BMW M135i
There aren't any leads Al, the coil packs sit directly on top of the spark plugs and I doubt the pissy little leads in the spiral wrap have broken down because then it'd just misfire.

It'd look at the Lambda sensors might be barking up the wrong tree, does it smell rich all the time ?
Have you checked your coils? Crack off the 10mms and lift them up while its running you'll hear them.

I'd check your plugs aswell as oxy sensors & leaks etc
  Focus ST170
dude only an idea but check your air filter pipe is bolted on tight, mine went lose only a tiny bit and fuel consuption went up loads..:dead: