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Over heating

Anyone got any ideas why my car wants to over heat all the time?

If i leave it standing for 10mins or so it will start to over heat. Ive got a lower rating thermostat on it but the prob is still there.

Any ideas what may be causing it?

Thanx in advance


the fan is fine, its a bigger fan than the standard one too!

The only place i am losing water is out the resivour tank as it boils over!!

I really dont know what is causing it. Yeah if the car is going it wont over heat, but soon as you stop the temp shoots up.
  172 Ph2, Mk1 MX5 1.8

Its probably not bcos it doesnt do it when ur on the move but,

Have u thought i could be u need a new Headgasket?



mate it could well be a blocked rad. dont think its the head gasket

rad is cheaper to replace if everything else is ok


We flushed the system during the summer tho didnt we mate.

Dont think a new rad is that cheap tho.

You off on hoiliday? Where you going?


well im aint got a clue then, after i did mine it never overheats. maybe its the head gasket

off to hong kong for two and half week. spending chinese new year over there

  Clio 1.8 16v

mine runs hot!!!!even if i am doin a steady 60 on the motoway then temp gage goes up till it hits the thermo then back down then it goes up then down and so on n e 1 got n e ideas?my fans dont blow hot air out either just warmish not as hot as my mates n e way

leave your car running, if the fan doesnt kick in, this is your problem. i have a low temp fan switch and i have had to fiddle with the connection sometimes when it has not wanted to kick in.
  Clio 1.8 16v

the fan works u can bloody hear the thing it makes a bad noise but it does work i have had a low temp switch put in and a thermostat in as well but it still keeps on running hot untill the thermo kickis in n cools it down then back up to hot with in a min or 2.could the heater matrix make my car run hot?because it does not blow hot air only warmish air out?

I think its the Thermostat that you have changed! put the old one back in and check it!!

Or put the one you took out in boiling water and see if it opens!

Happy hunting!

Chaps, not too sure where the thermostat housing is on my clio as I havent looked yet, but you could always try running the car without the thermostat in at all. If everythings ok you should notice that the car runs quite cool as water will constantly running through the radiator and not just when the car warms up.

It run hot when i had the old thermostat in there, thats why i replaced it.

Surly the car has to have a thermostat? If it dosent need one then why bother putting one in to begin with?