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own up

lol the postage costs is £150
thats quite cheap, i think he might just spend that on the bubblewrap and brown paper! :p


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3

Quote: Originally posted by Mole on 11 April 2005

ouch that poor parcel shelf, its f**ked lol.

also the plate looks foreign

Item location:
United Kingdom

Could explain it!!!
  Punto/Clio GTT

been posted before. first time ive seen the interior n how lush is that!

couple of things ide change on the outside, but check that interior!
  500bhp Scoob

hmmmm well with 3 subs on it am not too sure its meant to look like that lol.

definately looks like its sagging

u only have to sneeze for people to rip the piss on this site now! fair play to him for been different.

not my taste but fair play
  LY 200

I dont think its that bad apart from the bonnet and headlight covers!!!

Thats a 17 year olds dream car!!!

MINT, just needs neon washer jets, spinners and a burberry car cover, Baztastic!

But really... Its that horrible it makes me want to stab knives into my own eyes!