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oz superleggs in white

has anyone got them in white on their clios and whats your opinions?

Ive thinks they look nice but not to sue if they would suit my car

  Golf GTi DSG

Rob you sound like a american women on Jerry Springer or some other dodgy talk show. Oh thats like so 90s, tell it to hand cos the face dont wanna hear! hehe
  Clio v6

Just an example from Perfomance Alloys.

Wheel ManuFacturer :
OZ Racing

Wheel Name :
Superleggera III

Size :

Quantity :

Lock Nuts / Studs :

Pressure Gauge :

Total Price :

Currency :


Car Make :

Car Model :
Clio V6

Year of Manufacturer :

just to show that they do make the superleggeras in white, and I think they look fantastic. Would be nice on my dark blue 172
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

hmm, reminds me of when John in maxpower put the white rims on his red valver....

looks a bit tacky, my mate has OZ super Ts in white on his red corrado and they look real pants now they are a few years old.

Ive got the normal Super legs on my car and they look real nice.

In fact white wheels are almost as bad as seeing a 1.6 cavalier with the 1994 BTCC livery and a stupid spoiler on the back!

thats my aim for my car but no one has released a clio super 1600 body kit yet. would like that bonnet as well:D