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P/S Xenon not working

  Ph2 172

Just bought a 172 and the P/S xenon isn't working.

What could it be? the ballast? Do the bulbs go at all?

What is the easiest way to find out?

Fuse blown = ballast failure

Bulbs will just stop working, buy a spare D2S bulb from ebay if you dont want to risk testing with the D/S bulb
  Ph2 172
If the fuse blew wouldn't both of the xenons not work?

Could the drivers side bulb pop as well if I put it in the passenger side?

Should I swap the ballasts as well? If it's KO'd, where can I get one from and how much are they?

I read that it could be something else apart from the bulb and ballast but can't remember what. Something behind the headlight????

PS - Thanks for the info!
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