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P0300 fault code????

  03 clio 172
Hi all if u have read my previous thread u will know about my problem, car gets up to temp then misfires and cuts out at low revs.l have managed to get a code as it has never come up with one before its P0300 random/multiple cylinder misfire detected any further ideas to the fault???
  03 clio 172
Already it was new 9 months ago? Plus new crank shaft sensor new plugs new cat/exhaust.What can i check now???
  03 clio 172
Update.. i checked a few things yesterday didnt find much but i did find that the spark plug on No3 cylinder was soaked in oil so changed and ran ok all day.But could just this one plug cause a multiple misfire fault??
  03 clio 172
Really out of ideas now,ran ok for another 3-4 weeks then broke down again same symptoms,running fine agian after an hour got it to a garage with renault Click diagnostics,they had it for 3 days running it and using it,ran fine with no issues or faults.Think im just gonna have to sell it as i need something more reliable
  Megane 225 f1
Yea thats it there is 2 though 1 pre cat and one after cat. The post cat one will tell the ecu what fuel/air mix to put in.
Coolant temp sensor could be giving wrong info to the ecu and it could be running rich or lean and giving a missfire.