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Parts for a belt change on a 172 cup

  172 cup

I was looking for information on parts and any extra parts ppl have replaced while the belts are being done and any links would be a great help .

  172 cup
Hi pal no I was looking into getting all the parts together then getting it done, I’m not sure where to get parts from and any extra parts worth doing at the same time



ClioSport Club Member

That's the belt kits for your car. All the part numbers are there so you can try to find them cheaper if you wish. I assume your garage of choice have the correct genuine timing tools?
  172 cup
The car is in storage at the moment, I’m aiming to get all the parts together beforeI look for a recommend garage to do it, is there any more parts I can get to be changed that relate to a belt change that don’t come in that kit, many tganks


Aka The Human Rolling Pin
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  Whichever has fuel
Be careful supplying your own parts.

The three garages I use, none of them will warrant their Labour if they don’t supply the parts.

If I was you, I’d find a specialist local to you and take it there.

Where abouts are you?