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Does anyone know where i can get hold of 182 chrome foot pedals and will they fit a 1999 t reg clio ?

Also megane 225 foot rest ?

from renault.

yes they'll fit, the same pedals were used in the Ph1 172 which is the same flavour as your car.

to be honest you're better off getting a better quality set from somewhere else, as the renault ones start to wear after heavy use.
  Dynamique S 138
yeah they do tend to wear down after a while, thats prob cause the metals s dam thin
Yea i have a 1999 clio i think its a mk2 ph1.

The pedals shouldnt be a problem to fit but you say they tend to wear off.

But i always felt if i dont get renualt parts the after market pedals look boy racer where as renault are genuine.
Sorry i ment from shops and getting other makes.

As the website isnt up yet im probally going to ring renault.

Going to cost a arm and leg and i bet they dont even have them in stock.
Just spoke to renault and ive got to order them and it will take a couple of days to arrive and total price for pedals and foot rest inc VAT will just be under £70