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Did this a year ago, have now finished my first years insurance policy, do i now have 2 years no calims?

i got 1 years ncb for doing pass plus so after my first year when i requested proof of ncb for my new insurance company it stated that i had 2 years ncb! :D


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You cannot use PassPlus as a No Claims Bonus.

You may get a discount...... BUT you shud not declare it as a years NCB

norwich union told me it gives you a discount equivalent to a years no claims, but it isnt a real year no claim...and if i left after one year id only have 1 real year no claim

but i remember him saying if i stayed for another year, then i would leave with 3 no claims.. (2 real and 1 pass plus)
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Pass Plus is normally just a discount, if you stay with the same company on renewal they normally give one years NCB plus extra Pass Plus discount to make it equivalent discount as 2yrs NCB (as long as you dont claim that is lol)

Norwich Union gave me a 52% dicsount for doing Pass Plus, but then I had an accident, lost my discount, and was quoted over £3k at renewal. But by this time, I had blown my engine and didnt need the renewal.
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That sounds about right. 30%ish for 1yr NCB, 60-70% for 5yrs, so 45% sounds good.