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Pedal Potentiometer Circuit Track - CLIP Limp mode


ClioSport Club Member
Hi all,

EML and Electrical fault lights on, car in limp mode.

Plugged into CLIP and had the following errors:


Potentiometer circuit and throttle control cleared fine suspect these have come about due to the persistent top fault.

Now track two does change as I press the pedal, its value is approximately 10% of track 1.

No throttle:


To me it looks like the second track has failed however other make mention of the white connector under the fuse box which I will clean tomorrow. Wondered if the throttle pedal sensor was a common fault and if they are still available from Renault?

Does anyone know if there is anyway to calibrate the throttle position? Seems odd that no throttle is showing 14% and full throttle is only 90%...?



ClioSport Club Member
There’s not a lot to them if you open them up.

I had the same stuff going on, took the pedal apart and the tracks seemed to be contacting fine.

In the end I sorted all my issues by taking the washer bottle out and checking the main engine bay to interior plug which runs the wiring. Mine had water intrusion, cleaned it up, dried it all out with a hair dryer and put it together with silicone grease on the sealing areas. It’s been perfect since. My issues started after the load of non stop rain we had.

I think it’s a case of the drains below it not being clear and the scuttle flooding.


ClioSport Club Member
White plug in the engine bay fuse box will almost 100% have corrosion inside.
c**k on. Was dubious as I could see not obvious corrosion but the pins had tarnished.

For anyone who pops by here in the future:


I used some 120 on the end of a hack saw blade to clean up the pins


Then scrubbed the connector with mild citric acid followed by hot clean water. The, becuase she was out and I was feeling brave I dried everything well with her hair dryer


Quick spray with WD40 to disperse any lurking moisture and packed with silicone grease


Other connector half is hard to clean up so just made do with a quick scrub, wd40 and a dry off

Electrical warning light off yay.... engine light on... nay



However looking at the live data its obvious the fault has been fixed:

Cleared the faults, few ignition cycles and a drive round the block later and no engine lights - happy days and a free fix.

Thanks for the replies gents, I was set to buy a new pedal last night and need to drive to work tomorrow so didn't fancy the journey in limp mode!