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Penarth Pier

I don't usually do sunrise shots for obvious reasons, but my project 52 is providing the motivation to get up early!
Glad I did, as this was a killer sunrise!

Not sure about this one:

A few more on my blog with more info :)
Great work as usual bud. You certainly need to do more with your work!

Some keen fishermen there too. I'm far too lazy for sunrise shots :eek:
lol thanks. Yeh they are awesome filters......if I'm honest I bought mine off ebay for a bit more than retail, but if you want one from Lee or any other store, expect to wait 4+ months!!
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What filter mate? Just out of interest how do you get the sky to look as if the clouds have moved?

Stunning pictures.


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^ ND filter.

It'll be a 10>30 second exposure at a guess (there's no exif on the .jpg) so the clouds have actually moved while the exposure is being taken



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Seriously impressive shots Dan, the lighting on 4 is incredble.