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Petrol Blue new owner

  Clio 182

After reading through a few of the threads and commenting, I thought I should say hello and introduce my car.

I've previously owned a 182 and a Megane 175 dci. Renault are a client of mine and I have launched nearly all of their new models, including RS, since 2013.

I was looking for a 182 as the base for a track car having sold my M140 and the wife banning me from motorbikes now we have a baby. On my search I stumbled across a dry stored, immaculate low mileage Petrol Blue car, which had been parked since its last service nearly 5 years ago (when the cam belt and depahser had just been done too).

Although it would be sacrilege to modify this car so not what I was looking for, I had to buy it. I've just had it fully serviced with the cam belt & dephaser done again at a specialist, new tyres and fresh MOT (straight pas). It's just clicked over 80,000 miles after a trip to Wales (I live in Northampton but have a small holiday cottage in North Wales). Apart from a 208 GTI Peugeot Sport I owned for a year back in 2016, the Clio is by far the most fun car I've driven in years. I still intend to buy / build a track car also so I hope I'll see a few of you when the meets etc start to happen again.

I've been waiting to take some pics when the sun is shining and I've had opportunity, in the meantime, here it is when I collected it from service.



ClioSport Club Member
Great find mate & we usually do a Clio weekend at Blyton Park each year but for obvs reasons its not happing this year.Good chance to see each other & put faces to names,also chance for everyone to use the track.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Fancy a swap plus cash for my arctic blue ff? I've decided I want a petrol blue and I'm looking now


ClioSport Club Member
If you ever sell it Stuart, give me a message. Looks like a lovely example


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
Real nice find that! Look forward to your updates and some more pictures 👍


ClioSport Club Member
Oh god not that one🤦‍♂️.

Only kidding😂. PB is used to be very underrated but now is pretty saught-after. Keeping it standard is definatly the way to go.

Oh welcome aboard too👍.


ClioSport Club Member

My wife also banned motorbikes once we started our family. I also bought a Clio 182 and slowly turned it into a track car.