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petrol light

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2nyt my petrol gauge was at the bottom but my light wasnt on yet. so i pulled into the garage to find i had left my wallet at home, i look in my ashtray and find £3 so i put that in to get me home,

i start the car to find my petrol light has come on even thow i had just put 3pound in the light wasnt on when i turned the car off

whats that crack?
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Your cars protesting about the fact its being made to look like something its not, a bit like a transvestite really.


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If i was close to home i'd have gone home and got my wallet, can still do a fair few miles with the light on, rather than the embarrassment of putting £3 in.

If you needed petrol desperately (or are worried about pulling the crap from the tank into the engine) then you could of filled up, go to pay and suddenly reaslise you haven't got your wallet. Then you have to give them your details and go back within x amount of days to pay or they tell the police.