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PGTI Magazine!!!!!!

  Silver Fabia vRS

Is the new one out then? What about our feature on Brands? If it is I will buy a copy on Friday in Milton Keynes when I start my CHristmas shopping :eek:
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Nothing on Brands i dont think................ I assume its out as they sent me two copies today?!?! If not out today - should be tomorrow i believe!!


  Audi TT Stronic

the last one had a small bit about the cliosport day at brands.. near the back of the magazine.

That was about it..

Yep, The next issue of PGTI is out today, has Trevs 5 turbo on the front.

My car is also on the front cover! Thats the closest one of my cars will ever get.

Gets a good write up in the group thrash feature.



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

the last issue had the bedford track day in it, the current issue (out anytime now) is supposed to have the rr day in it, and the next issue (in 2 months) will have the brands day in it (hopefully)


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

did it get 7 pages? wicked!!!! gonna get a copy tonight...

Went to get it today, but they still only had the last issue. Ill have to go and have another look tomorrow!

I take this is the one with the Reno Vs Saxo Vs Pug Brunters shoot out in?

Well im not bragging but the Bruntingthorpe shoot-out got 9 pages!

Na na na na naa:oops:


I cant see your Saxo in the feature, whats your real name?

And i didnt realise my car was that quick...

7.16s to 100mph!!!:eek:



  Shiny red R32


Have you got a pic that you could scan and put on here? I tried my local newsagent and they dont have the mag. I will try elsewhere at the weekend.

Thanks :)

LOL... 7.16s to 100mph looks like youll be snapping on the heels of the Mclaren F1 then :D

My real names is Ed Stirling

Which saxos were featured as mine and Dave Sharpes were the only ones that managed to last the day.

What 0-100mph did the Clio V6 get?
  clio 20v

im the good looking one he he

mint 5gtt nick i like it, matbrowns car looks well cool slammed on ph2 rims looks shiny as fook

hardcoresax the v6 was 0-60 6.02, 0-100 17.81, 1/4 14.73 @ 92 mph urs and dave sharps were featured the other two blew up apparantly, wot happened there then

if i can get my scanner to work ill scan some pics in


Well from what I know one was running over 250bhp on standard pistons... He knew they were going to go at some point and bouncing off the rev limiter in 5th didnt really help. Sounds like hes having forged pistons fitted at the moment and will be back with around 300bhp! Other car had just had NOS fitted, they hadnt replaced the spark plugs and I think it put a hole in the head gasket between two of the cylinders.


Cheers mate.


Ive left my copy in the car but i can definately say that your car is not next to your name! they didnt even have your black beauty listed?


Can i just say what the FUDGE is going on with clio 172s they all seem to have under 160bhp , now i know i might sound stupid but i thought my car was 172bhp and every other clio 172, and what can you say about the clio 172 with a sh*t 129 bhp

confused very confused, and there was i going to tackle a civic type-r.

if all the clio 172 are under 172bhp then why the fook does renault call them a clio 172 spot

going to get mine on a rolling road to see what bhp i got

Yeah, it does wind me up a bit, i know they cant make them all exact 172bhp, and i understand that it will vary slightly, but to see some with such low bhp its like false advertising!! grrrr

** breathes....... **
  Silver Fabia vRS

Trading standards here we come! Mine was 160bhp before the Induction now at 169bhp with Induction. Am off to Nick hill in the new year so should be hitting 180bhp with the new fuel map.



its a joke my 1.2 is quoted a 75bhp and i actually have closer to 3,000,000bhp

oh dear :confused:

its juat a case of which guy/girl built your engine and if or if not he/she was in a good mood

Im going to have to go out and buy a copy today, Ill be well miffed if Im not in there or they got my times wrong!

The times they had on the laptop on the day were

0-60 6.3s

0-100 15.2s

1/4 14.8 @ 98mph
  Silver Fabia vRS

160bhp @ the flywheel KDF......if we had that at the wheels I wouldnt be complaining! That would mean about 200bhp @ the flywheel.

OK! Just been down to smiths to have a quick free read cos i forgot me damn wallet! and a few surprises! good ones!

Firstly, Hardcore....Nicely fella! mint vtr, ignore my comment about times above, i misread mats reply, it was his times! doh!

Matbrown - impressive fella, shame we couldnt meet that saturday at southend, maybe next time.

Nickg123 - This was the most shockin part for me, i readin the mag seein yor car thinkin, hmmm nice gt! in fact very nice! infact it almost looks familiar! I then clocked the interior and thought FAP ME ive been in that car!!! Nick! im the dan who drove on a mission to come pick up those ph 2 valver wheels for my old red valver! And ive been talkin to you all this time, tellin u to get a dimma and all and didnt realise!
I havent read the article but from what i briefly blew it up!
Anyway hope you r enjoyin the dimma fella!


ClioSport Club Member

Nick how much did u sell ur 5 for? Looked V. Nice.

Mat - Did they tell u to pose like that or did it just come to u naturally!!!
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Hello mate!!!

Thats mental - i remember now, how you doing mate?? Whats this Cup youve got like then? Splashed out big time hey??

yeah, all nice and run in now, goes like poo off a shovel! the missus as youll prob remember wouldnt let me have a gt turbo. And when doin a HPI check to make buyers feel more confident about the valver i uncovered some disturbin hist! i couldnt sell it on knowin, so decided to give it to renault p/ex as they didnt care. I was aiming for the 1.616v but when the dealer showed me a cup that had just arrived i had to have one!

this also explains why in the "race with a rover turbo" thread you couldnt remember why you thought i had a 16v!

u keepin the dimma? when did you blow up the gt?
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Mate - i remember what you were saying now!!! So what was wrong with the old 16v then???

Well the 5 melted a piston - basically GT Tuning had done all this crap head work - completely buggered it up, then set it all up wrong, it lasted a while but not too long - then i had to pay £1500 getting it rebuilt!!!

Anyway, i didnt sell it - i did a straight swap for my Dimma Clio - unfortunately after paying out that £1500 - the guy who has my 5 also blew it up about a month later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I assume he had been driving it like a nutter, and the car was still being run-in which i tried to explain to him at the time........

Well - live and learn dont you!

Lets just say the valver had done a few more miles than i had on the clock! i was devastated!
about 25-30k more! **WARNING TO ALL PEOPLE!!** Dont do an AA check or others, they are very good but only do particular checks, do a hpi check they source the info individually, and also check milage hist, whereas other only check write offs, damage, stolen, chopped etc! ( yeah you do live and learn!)

Not everyone does these checks but i couldnt sell it on knowing it had been messed about (grrrr guilty concience), so renault came to the rescue.

Hows the dimma?, i did a search and i even i had said YEAH GET THE DIMMA!
You glad? esp seein as the gtt has blown up again... you tryin to sell it?? i wouldnt fella, its gorgeous!
anyone can go and buy a octavia, but how many dimmas in that cond are there floating about?

Just been out and bought Performance Gti and they seem to have become a little confused, bless them.

On the second page there is my name Ed Stirling with my cars spec but pics of Dave Sharpe and his Rally car with his name written clearly on the side.

On the following page there is a Daves name and spec and a pic of Matt with his white VTS.

Also for some reason the times they quote for my car arent the ones they told me on the day, theyre slower...

They quote 0-100 as 15.72s and yet I managed the 1/4 mile in 14.86s @ 97.39mph which means it took me nearly a whole second to go 2mph quicker, I think not!

Oh well never mind ;)
  TT 225

DISCLAIMER: I Did NOT spin my car at Trax as stated on the Rolling Road day results

Where the fook did they get that from???? I will be e-mailing them shortly.....
  Skoda Fabia vRS

lol, ive got two copies and im gonna hunt down another

the feature is wicked and i love the group shot across 2 pages

i really need to get it scanned
  mk2 172

tut tut, serious lack of competence from the pgti boys, least some peeps have got there pics in there, this isnt the only forum moaning about them if that helps things a little.:)