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PH1 to PH2 dash. Heater controls.

Will the heater controls from a 172 cup work with my heaters in the ph1? It doesnt matter about aircon as i dont have it.

Also will i be able to fit the handle/grab bits with the window controls onto ph2 door cards?

Cheers :)
  Petrol Blue 182.
Are the heater controls on the cup a twist style? like the ph1s? if so yes, I belive there cable opperated unlike the electronic climate controls of a FF. Or get a set of povo spec heater controls from a dynamic etc down scrappy
  Petrol Blue 182.
If they're twist I'm 99% sure they'll work mate. Did it when I put a ph2 sport dash in my non sport ph1 although I got some povo spec controls as it came with the climate.