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ph2 sidestrips...

gez 172

ClioSport Club Member
  R.S 200
hi all, looking at putting ph2 sidestrips on my silver ph1

The questions are:

1) are they easy enough to fit? Without breaking ect.
2) would ph2 silver ones look odd on there or would i need to spray them titanium silver colour?
  a low one
Yes mate they are very easy to swap over, they will only break if your very heavy handed

Not too sure regards colour though would imagine there wouldd be a difference
  Maybe a 172 Cup..
Think they'll need painting mate. Quite a difference between Titanium and Iceburg.

Or see if you can get some 182 Titanium strips..

gez 172

ClioSport Club Member
  R.S 200
cheers for the help everyone :) ill look at the 182 sidestrips. So, is it as easy as just pulling them off gently?
  CLIO PH1 172
yea you slide then pull them, the front strips slide towards the back of car and the rears slide towards the front