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Phase 1 headlights...

  Focus ST
Lets be honest, they're pretty gash!

How easy is it to fit a HID kit and where's the best place to get them as a reasonable price?

Any help appreciated


  Yozza Track 172 /106 gti
Pm'd him

Cheers Needz0rz

They ain't hard Tupps, best to take the headlights out tbh

Just order ones off eBay, I've had a few sets for differnt cars.
Even the ones from japan and the likes are spot on just take a while to come.
Danny is it possibly for you post some pictures of the fitting of the HID's and where you brought them from. I want to get them but unsure how messy they'll look.
diane-shop from ebay, search sellers and it'll come up. No pictures of fitting, just cable tie the ballast somewhere out the way.