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Photoshop help please!

  Fiesta ST
At some point I'm going to try and refurbish my old rsi wheels. Was thinking of doing them another colour, maybe white? What does everyone think? Heres a photo for you to photoshop!


Also if you like you could try colour coding my bump strips and door handle ;)


Oh, and just for a larf, here's one I tried earlier. My first attempt at using photoshop though!
Tbh I think the wheels won't look any good in white, personally I think that the wheels are too small.

With regard to the colour coding it'll look good, but I prefer the black rubstrips as they break the car up a bit.
  Fiesta ST
Welcome advice :approve: can't do anything about the wheel size I'm afraid, lol. I have two sets of rsi wheels, the ones that are on atm are the old ones in need of a refurb, just waiting to wear tyres down. The other set are refurbished that I got from Big D which will go on whilst I make my first attempt at refurbishing some alloys, lol.