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Pic Request: DCi 80 and DCi 100 Intercoolers

  dci126 & H&R'd 1*2
dci100 one

dci80 & dci100 one on the car


ClioSport Club Member
you my friend are a legend. haha cheers!

on a 2nd not BAWWWSSSS! the one on ebay is a dci80 one :( is the dci 100 one really worth waiting out for to pop up? any idea what they cost from renault?!
  dci126 & H&R'd 1*2
Yes they are definately worth it, not only are they 17% more effective, they are also smaller and therefore a lot easier to install.
The dci80 one is a real pain to get sitting right.
Price for a new dci100 one is about 180£ (could be less though)
  Astra GSI, 172, Golf
get a focus tdci one i got 1 for a tenner similar to the dci 100 in looks but abit deeper and thicker .