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pics of my boot install

Hey. thought i'd post a few pics of my install. I've seen a few threads on here about a level boot build in a 182 so might be of interest to some?
I know it's a bit dumb adding weight to the car, but i really like to have music loud, but to be honest i haven't noticed any real change in how the car drives, so i'm happy.
I don't have a guide or anything, but in the pics you can see basically what we did.
It's all JL Audio, 6" comps, 12" sub, amps. I won't bother with pics of the fronts as it's piontless as it all looks standard. Also got an Alpine ida-x200 hu.
Anyway. it's still not quite finished yet, need to board up the sides and maybe put some subtle blue LEDs in with the amps, wired into the boot light
Hope you like it. ;)









Very tidy!

Make me one? lol

A guy on MeganeSport does custom boot builds specific for meganes. We could do with someone like that on CS.... ;)
Yeah it's all mdf. Basically it's one big box, the sub side is sealed, the amps sit on the raised part so they have air flow beneath. then an mdf top with cut outs for the amps and sub.
The sub sounds fine in a shallow box, very punchy. the JL sub is quite shallow design as well.
Glad you you like it, thanks ;)
Looks a really neat job :)
Do you notice any difference with the weight in the back?

To be honest not really, i don't think it really weighs that much, certainly not enough to slow me down.
I can always take it out with no trouble if i want to, so it's nice that it's not a permanent thing too.
not really into putting stuff in my boot but do love good sounds. the work van is getting some bass treatment soon.

very neatly done, i like


ClioSport Admin
Looks awesome Jay!

Where did you get the carpet from? Looks a good colour match to the OE colour.
  alien green rs133
nice similar to mine with it being same height as boot catch, though i have spare wheel in one side :D

Yeah your instal is what inspired me to get this done. I didn't think it would be doable without a spare wheel well.