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pics of my car at the ring

  clio rsi turbo, phase 2

ive searched thru everyones ring pics, and cant find a single one of mine :(

anyone got any hidden away??


ClioSport Club Member
  Pink Cup Racer

Carnt find any of mine on the ring either. Remember getting flashed by a camera a few times but no pics.....
  Ziel Nurburgring

Still works fine above

Galerie > Nordschleife > Touristenfahten > 2005 > 3.2005 >27.03.2005
  Ziel Nurburgring

Costs ish

Crossing depends on when yor going, check out norfolkline or P and O

Hotel= £60 per night.

Fuel= 4x fill ups £120 (i think, got home from the ring/hotel on about 2 tanks and kept topping up on the way)

Ring= £40 for 5 laps
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Blink thats pretty much what I budgeted on. I took €250 and came home with 3 cents, so pretty well budgeted I think. :)

Quote: Originally posted by Tom20v on 30 March 2005
HOw much did it cost each of you to go on this trip inc fuel ect?

£40 AA cover
£80 for the Travel lodge in the Uk (didnt realy need to stay 2 nights)
£91 Insurance for the track for one day (optional but I personally prefere having it)
1300 miles round trip (about 600 driving from Dover to my house I think) At 50mpg petrol owners got about 1/2 that I think.
£280 hotel in the ring + food and drinks for me and my passenger
5 laps were £35 I think.
Other food totalled about £20 I think.
Phone bill I dread to think.