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Pics of my old car request

  K20 EG Hatch

I know this is a long shot but does anyone have pics of my car? I think i have lost my decent ones as they was on the cs uploader when my hard drive died (i know i shoulda back up) and this was where i was keepin em.

Pretty please if anyone has any from traxx or anything, cheers

  500bhp Scoob

KDF posted on how to retreive all your old files that youve uploaded to the CS Uploader...

heres a copy and paste of it, should still work...

As many of you have requested your uploader galleries, and I cannot garauntee the return of the uploader (UPDATE: ROAMER IS WORKING ON A POSSIBLE REPLACEMENT) :( I wrote a script to take care of the 27,000 or so images that were uploaded over the years. Please take the time to read these instructions carefully, if you still cant get it drop me a PM.

Each users account has been compressed into single tar file. To download your compressed images please read the following.

You will need to remember your exact uploader account login name !

* replace any spaces in your name with %20
* regardless of what case your name was before, enter it all in lowercase !!



Now take your username and add _compressed.tar on the end of it like so


add that to the end of:

so it now looks like this:

Copy and paste the link into your web browser and you will be prompted with a download dialog box. This is your entire gallery which you may uncompress on your own computer using something like winrar

These will be available for at least the next week.
  307 hdi (powered by derv)

there i thread posted telling u how to retrive off the uploader. Do a search. I managed to get mine bck.

[Edited by clioman coz he was to slow at replying on 18 March 2005 at 7:50pm]
  K20 EG Hatch

cool thats wicked! :D

anyone got any more would be nice being as i int got the car no more!

cheers anyways