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Picture Request Please!!!!

  Renault Clio 05' 1.2 16v
Hi ive just bought my 40mm apex lowering springs was just wondering if anyone could post me a picture of a mk2 ph2 with these springs on 17inch wheels so i can have an idea of what it will look like as my dad has not had chance to fit them for me yet:( and i wouldn't mind knowin what its going to look like!! Cheers

Also im looking at a custom exhaust for my car would be grateful for any tip style suggestions i was thinking oval or letterbox!! Pics would be good cheers
  RS Meg 175
Ya going to get a little rubbing on the arches there pal, spesh on full lock and full car, more so or less so depending on off set of the wheels.

But use "Search" (^^ upthere)
Theres been milions of these threads lol