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pioneer AVIC-X1R satnav

  A Euro'd one...

Id love to get one of these but unfortunately i cant afford it. It appeals to me as it has sat nav as well as DVD...


Does it have a seperate DVD drive for the DVD nav disk? Im sure I read somewhere that you cant have the DVD nav disk in and play cds/dvds at the same time??

you can buy an aditional changer but what you do is set your route before you go it then copies your route to memory and a 10 mile corridor incase of tmc re routing then you can use it for what ever you like the drive that is
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looks ideal!

would like to see the ipod interface tho.

Much better now it caches the route, although tbh if you had an ipod you wouldnt need to swap the DVD for CDs etc, only for movie playback.


Anyone know what DVD changer I would need so I can play DVDs as well as having the navigation disk in the main unit?

Also is there an adapter to make it work with the existing stalk on my 182?

right the dvd changer is about 800 notes
you can play a dvd at the same time without it tho

no you cant get it to work with the standard remote and tbh you wouldnt want too as it has hardly any features on it that will work with the unit
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

Make sure you take some photos when it arrives.

of what you get, how it fits etc.

the web is very lacking on info at the mo.
  Mr2 Roadster

My friend has two of these, both set up with On Digital Tv.

Cost approx £1800 each with the digibox and install.

They are fab units.

only three bits that I expect would be a challenge to fit yourself are the speed pulse, the aerial fitting and then managing to gt the feckin head unit back in the dashboard. After two days of frustration I gave up and paid a car audio place just to get it back in the dash! was a nightmare! too many cables not enough space!!¬
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

whats in the box
feedback on how the interface works
speed connections etc

ok photos well i forgot to take any of the install :oops:
but tbh there isnt anything intresting to show you

in the box you get the unit + 2nd box, power harnes, an amp harness, mounting kit for the second unit, ariel extension lead, long speed pulse wire + scotchloc, reversing wire, nav dvd, gps ariel and thats about it. i did put one or 2 pics of this in my other thread

the interface im not really sure of yet as its not fully done at the mo.
speed connection was easy as the vag cars all have the pulse lead in the iso head unit lead on the fabia its pin 1 of the black connector its purple and white iirc.

tips not alot really except dont do it in the dark other than that its very easy also the handbrake switch just connect it to the negative wire from the back of the HU ;)
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

handbrake wire, as in for dvd playback to stop you playing unless the handbrake is on etc? ;)