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played with an s3

  RB5 & 172

was on my home last night when i came across an s3. i came up behind him in the outside lane of a dual carriage way, he saw me and put his foot down to which i naturally responded with an equal amount of heavy right foot action. his eyes were glued to his rear view mirror as we headed towards a roundabout, im sure he was thinking ill show this clio the way. Anyway 2nd gear out the other side and we are off up to 60 and its neck and neck, as we are nearing !00 he is creeping away but i put that down to his shiny chrome wing mirrors which must have been giving him the edge over my bug splattered car.:)

along came another roundabout, again 2nd gear but this time he eased off as his exit was blocked by a motor bike, probably thought he had proved his point?

to be honest there was nothing in it, he was maybe just edging away as we were over 80, only just thouigh.;)
  CTR EK9 turbo

Nice one - good work. Next time you race him do it on an empty tank of optimax! I raced a brand new S3 ages ago and he could not escape me, if anything i was catching him. After our race we parked up and he snorted a line of talcom powder, strange guy! (oh dear)
  RB5 & 172

as i said there was not allot between the 2 of us.

it seemed as if they have longer gearing so as the speed increased he kept accelerating while i had to shift gears.

still im sure he will give clios a little bit more respect next time he comes across one.:devilish: