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playstation 3 pre-order

  M2 Competition
Should still be taking them in stores mate, the in store pre-orders have only just started, and theres been very low demand!
  ff 182
How much are they gonna be selling for then......about 500 quid then games plus what other extres sony have up there the 360 instead you wont get riped of as much..:)
  6/468 17poo
wow £500 is alot of money for a console id spend £300 but not that much!!!wasnt the 360 like 250 when that came out?
  Megane RS 275 Trophy
I was waiting for the PS3 untill I saw the price now I own An Xbox 360.
Always had a playstation but I'm loving the Xbox.
  6/468 17poo
well thats what i was thinkin surely the xbox will come down before christmas, and if your not one hell of a geek and dont no the difference between the 2 systems ur gonna opt for the 360 as its cheaper, looks the same to me!
  ff 182
me 2think i will get the ps3 in a few years when it's droped in price..had the 360 for about 7 months now.some great games out for it.and more to come.cant wait for halo 3and foroza 2 .plus i recon when the ps3 comes out in november the 360 will drop in price again
  Punto/Clio GTT
man ide love to get a ps3 just for the ff7 remake but 500 quid, jeez, ill stick to downloading games on the pc n my ps2 thanks :\
Personally I think spending c. £500 on a games console is lunacy. The relatively cheap price of consoles is offset by the £45 game prices. The PS3 is expensive AND it will have c. £45 game prices. Also it will under deliver on the promises just like the PS2 did ;)

Chuck in a few games and you're looking at stupid money. I'd spend a little extra upgrading my PC into a gamng beast, and pickup all the best new games on the planet for £20 each. Can you say STALKER for £17.99 preordered at Either that or get a x360 and be done with it:approve: I'm not being an anti-Sony fanboy, ut I dot hink they have seriously fcuked up with the PS3. They've naively banked on people being willing to buy into the whole 'one box' entertainment solution. Most people dont want that in a console (IMO)

I hope it's a great machine, as it can only be good for the industry I love - games, but at that price they deserve to sell about 4. If they ever actually build any that arent engineering samples :rasp:
Final_Maxim said:

$500 = £500 always. Plus Play are selling it for £550ish if that's much to go by?

The whole point is that nobody really knows how much it's going to cost and it's meant to be availbale in November. LMFAO. Cue a disasterous launch with 3 units available worldwide, 4 buyers, and hence a worldwide shortage that makes the news and gives even more pubilcity.
  ff 182
agreedddddd i think sony are going to be in trouble with this one..all the fan based ppl will buy one but its going to take more then fanboys to keep it going.i have aboy of 9 who likes to play all the latest games on console or pc.but there no way am going to pay 500 plus games for a ps3..
Final_Maxim said:
man ide love to get a ps3 just for the ff7 remake but 500 quid, jeez, ill stick to downloading games on the pc n my ps2 thanks :\

is that truth or urban myth,m

i would pay a grand to play that game with better graphics LOL

put simply, the best game ever made !
  RenaultSport clio 18
Hasn't Blu Ray had some really bad reviews in the U.S? Another reason not to get on. As well as no Halo..
  RenaultSport clio 18
Test Drive Unlimited On The 360 Looks Pretty Sweet. I Think I'll Buy A 360 Just For That.

  BMW M4; S1000 RR
Yeah, like a 10 year old... But a correct 10 year old. It really does look awesome, I heard there's a new demo. Haven't looked yet but has anyone got it ????

Driving round the island with friends should be a hoot.
  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
Thing is they will both be great consoles but i am thinking the only difference in graphics is that of Xbox and PS2 yes there is one but its tiny. So 500 quid compared to 250 an Xbox live which is awsome it comes down to which do u prefer Halo or Metal gear Solid lol. Also if u havnt got a HD TV the graphics ent unleashed anyway i think 500 is shocking
  none :(
The ps3 will sell for around £425 without games i think thats the 60gb version the 20gb version will be cheaper. i put my nanme down in game back in july but they havnt said how many they are havin delivered
  ff 182
i think i read somewhere that game station and other game shops were each geting around 20..30 ps3 consoles per shop . and were taken orders as early as mid june..but they said the same about the 360...20..30 per shop put got alot more in..i would love to see what the ps3 is going to go for on ebay just befor
  BMW M4; S1000 RR
I was chatting to someone about the PS3 and they told me that the cheaper version doesn't have Wi-Fi OR High definition.... Not sure how much truth in that but if it is true then oh deary me, what will Sony have done..
  golf r32 dsg
yer im tempted to go for a 360 over a ps3....

ive heard that ps3 will hav alot more games tho dont no how true it is???


Thing I don't get is that despite the graphics technology / potential of the new consoles, the majority of the public buying them are just gonna hook them up to their ageing CRT using the standard supplied cable at 50Hz, let alone using a good scart or HD connection to a LCD/Plasma
  ff 182
well when the new gran turismo comes out we will see waht you Xbox 360 owners say then :p...................fanboy;)