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Please help my old car..Nitrous RT

I sold my beloved RT to a mate of mine and now he has gone and bought a nitrous kit from one of his mates for £100.

Thing is it only has a dash switch (on or off, no micro switch) and most important NO INSTRUCTIONS.

I have looked at all the bits but nowhere can i find out who makes it. Anyone here know where i can get standard nitrous fitting instrustions?

Also can you just purchase the micro switches on their own?

Please help as i dont want him to kill poor old clio with a bodge job.

Cheers peeps


Anyone know if BenR has finished his Induction Kit/filter/chip/zorst combo?
  190 BHP Willy 2

in this months Fast Ford magazine (getting ready for my slating) they have a 3 or 4 page spread about fitting "nos" whats needed and how its done. might be of some help to you.

Going to hide under my bed when i get home now so nobody can pick on me for buying a Ford magazine


i have almost finished......2 more weeks then done!

I also have N02 on my XR2 and its a very simple affair.

you can get a microswitch from my mate.

email me @ and i will send full instructions for basic N02 in laymands terms and the contact and price of the micro switch.
  190 BHP Willy 2

I know what you mean Nick, i too always have a good read through the magazines in smiths before you decide which one to buy, although i always buy Fast Ford though. But NEVER Max Muppets.