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PLEASE HELP!! Skilled Photoshop request!!

  Mini Cooper
Please can you photoshop this car (not mine, just similar tothe one Im getting coz i havent got any pics):




Fully colour coded and with these wheels and the 16v badges on the end of the door mouldings white to match the wheels:


Cheers :thumbs:
  Mini Cooper
kk, thats ur opinion!?

whats everyone else think, im just trying to be different but still have it look mint!!

people think i should go for the common silver badges or white ones!?
now that looks awesome, ^^^quote aswell :D

mayb smoked indicators, lowered obv and skirts? jus had my skirts fitted and make the car not only look lower but gets rid of the "no chip" paint and the bottom.

  A Fcukin Car
They are nice rims, struggling to decide myself wat to go for. I have got this colour car and it is on 17's at the min but they look gash. Was gona go for the 16" OZ superturismos and get it lowered.