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Pms shifter 1st and 2nd issues.


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 197
I've recently installed a pms shifter and having problems with first and second gear. It's mainly going into second that's the problem, then it won't go straight back into first from second. All other gears and reverse select fine.

Going into second from first It feels as if the lever is going too far over to the left and past the second gear then won't go back down into the gear, if I let go of the sideways pressure it will come back over slightly to the right then drop down into second gear fine.

Is the lockout plate on the left hand side of the shifter supposed to act as a stop for first and second aswell as reverse, as the shifter is definitely hitting it when trying to select first and second.

I've put a approximately 4-5mm spacer between the lockout plate and the shifter. It hits that instead and first and second are fine with no issues.

Any help would be appreciated


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  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
Sounds like the installation setup isn’t quite right. I always find a second pair of hands really helps:

Slacken the sleeved joint so it moves forwards/backwards on the rod and can rotate freely. Put the gearbox in to R, put the selector in to R (make sure you lift the gate switch and put a little forwards pressure on the selector to. Never failed to get perfect gear selection from a PMS yet (and we’ve done a few).
  172 Ph1
As mick has said , a fine tuning session is needed and those second pair of hands really help with setup.

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My PMS shifter does have a weird gate. 3rd is more forward angled right, then 4th is back and angle right.


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 197
Cheers for your replies guys, I'll take another go at setting it up and see if i can improve it anymore.

for people who have them, mines the new style carbon if it makes a difference, see if the collar on the bottom of the shifter hits and runs along the lockout plate for 1st and 2nd?