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  172 & LCR
I have bought it at auction but no documents willing to pay & collect if someone has them. text or call Trev on 07814953892
when i traded my car in - the guy wasnt interested in my service history etc - said all reciepts would be binned...

so i still have them..
  tiTTy & SV650
v5 will have previous owners details, try renault garages near them and write to the previous owner
Should be able to get the V5 etc from DLVA IIRC. May take ages and knowing the DVLA it will be a complete ballache.
  172 & LCR
also you can get all mot history from th vosa website for free

Not without having the doc ref number on V5 you can't.

Yes I know I can get a v5 from dvla £26 reprint mot once I've got V5 (3-4 weeks) no mot can't tax, can't use until V5 comes from swansea.
Trying to speed things up & get service history it may tell me the timing belt has been done if I'm lucky.
Also how can I write to the previous owner if I dont have a V5 with his address on.
I have done some detective work today the guy that owned it lives in Morpeth sam todd but the finance repo men must have took it off him.
I'll write a letter to Santa see if he'll help.


ClioSport Club Member
  AG200|981 Cayman
I really wouldn't contact the previous owner if he had the car repossessed. Dont think he will be too happy tbh.
  172 & LCR
Result got the guys address knocked on his door V5 all old MOTs + service histoy bunged him £20 everybody happy car just needs MOTed as ran out in aug.
Even got a reciept for the K Tec K2 system £329 bonus.
Now who wants to buy it once its MOTed?
2002 Silver in very good condition 76K on clock old mots to verify miles + k tec exhaust.


ClioSport Club Member
  AG200|981 Cayman
Won't the reposession always show on a HPI?

I cannot believe you went to his house for all the documents.

I cant believe he got out without a smack.

Anyway, nice one, looks like you got a bargain :)
  172 & LCR
Why smack someone who's offering you cash for something you have no use for was my way of thinking.